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I became a believer when I was sixteen years old. I read a gospel tract that told me about the love of God. I remember kneeling by my bed and prayed the sinner's prayer. I looked out of my bedroom window and saw the corn fields and imagined they were souls and I thought, "I will change my world for Christ." My mother had a small transistor radio that she would listen to the local Christian radio station. I thought, "I'm gonna do that someday."


Just a few years later I landed my first radio job at a Christian station in Bowling Green, Ohio. Through the years I was able to minister on-the-air talking about God's love and playing music and Christian programs. I was able to serve the Lord as a program and music director and having the ability to air shows about the Gospel of Christ. I am thankful for the opportunity that God has given me. Now, in this new format of online shows, I'm able to continue playing the great songs of CCM from the eighties and nineties. Thank you Lord, for blessing me as I want to bless others in this area. God gets the glory!

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