"CCM Replay "


Randy "Adams" Spradlin


CCM Replay is your place for the classic CCM classics from the eighties and nineties. You'll hear favorites from Petra, Bryan Duncan, Dallas Holm, Russ Taff, David and the Giants, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, White Heart, Mylon and Broken Heart, and so many more. We'll "replay" those great hits from the golden years of Contemporary Christian Music. Stay with us for each new edition of the show!  ***NEW EDITION of CCM REPLAY. Songs featuring White Heart, Benny Hester, David Meece, and more. Plus, a note about an exciting book narrated by my friend Liz Boyer called, "God Said Yes." Liz did a great job. She also does voice overs for "CCM Replay." Check it out. The new show is on the CCM Replay "shows" tab. Enjoy!


Contact info: ccmreplay@gmail.com

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